As Social Media Participation Rises, the Market Adapts: Followers for Sale

A new trend among professional Twitter users looking for a quick way to expand their reach and grow their brand is purchasing Twitter followers. Companies like are on the rise, selling quality followers in order to attract more traction for purchasers. While this may add tremendous value, it’s clear that companies and brand developers still have to work at developing interesting and worthwhile profiles to maximize their investment. Those who purchase Twitter followers must do so to supplement their efforts, not replace them, in order to achieve their desired goals. The benefits, in that case, can be significant:

Targeted followers bring value with them

Not all Twitter follower sellers carefully select the followers best suited to the purchaser’s brand. Those that do, however, maximize the chances that the purchaser will grow its follower base. provides customers with followers in his target audience. This increases the value of the follower since each one shares the interest of the purchaser and is likely to have a whole group of followers that do as well. With each interaction on Twitter thereafter, the purchaser has more chances to be discovered and followed by their follower’s followers; thereby creating organic growth from the initial purchase.

Purchasers can gain credibility

People follow those that are already widely followed. Having an abundance of followers is an implicit endorsement that tells others that the account holder is trustworthy. Buying followers is a short cut to reaching the reliability status that potential consumers look for. Once a purchaser has gained the follower, their products and services must speak for themselves. Buying followers, in this way, can be like paying for certifications or membership fees that convey an organization’s trustworthiness to its customers. It is an investment that determined and serious marketers make.

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