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How to Acquire More Twitter Followers

Email marketing is still an authority when it comes to promoting one’s business. However, social networking sites, like Twitter, are fast becoming a powerful marketing tool in any business. Now, if you are bent on using this strategy, you have to do it the right way. Consider the following strategies to buy Twitter followers.

Tips to Get More Twitter Followers

  • Post content that is valuable to viewers.

You should consider this as your top most priority. Viewers want to read about information that is new and interesting to them. So, you should blog about something that is fresh and unique, not something that they have heard of before. You can talk about some newly opened place you’ve been to or an unusual dish, but when it comes to unrelated posts, just limit it to about 20% of what you say.

  • Show them that you are real.

Personal tweets are meant for your followers. For new acquaintances, who would want to know you better, you should try your best to give them a good first impression. This is the deciding factor whether they should add you. If you want to be found, use your real name, username, and bio. Otherwise, Twitter will not include you. As part of your bio, you can include the company you are working at, and/or your job description. It is best to upload your real photo and not use an image of something that is not at all related to you. Also, add a complete and interesting description about yourself, including your line of work and the like.

  • Make your presence felt among your followers.

If you have valuable content to share, space your blog posts evenly during the day. You want you make your presence known to those who log in at different hours of the day, without making them feel like you are flooding them with too many tweets.

  • Make a connection with your followers.

Besides asking them interesting questions, tweet your replies where everyone can see them. Try to be sociable and connect with your followers. Don’t just build a group of followers just for the sake of your business.

  • Avoid too much promotion of your business.

Twitters are on the site to interact with real people, share ideas that others may be interested in, and engage in conversations, thinking that the people here have the same intention. If you are only here for the purpose of promoting your business and making money out of them, then, you will become an outcast. Twitters can easily sense if you are a genuine person, or you are just using them. If you are on Twitter to hard-sell your goods, then it is not the site for you.


With the aforementioned tips, you can be sure that you will have more followers on Twitters and somehow, your business will most likely catch up.